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Beginner’s Guide to CricStox

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All the users who have been with us since the start, understand the basic functioning of the CricStox app. Since the app went live, our endeavor has been to improve the user experience based on all the feedback. But this is just the beginning!

For all those who are new to the app…..we’ll run you through the basics. Are you a cricket lover and have a slight inclination for trading as well? Then CricStox is the place for you. All you have to do is grab your phone, download the app and start trading in the stocks of your favorite cricketers for free. Right swipe on your cricketer to buy and sell. Yes, you read it right! It is that simple. The only trading rule you need to know is ‘BUY LOW AND SELL HIGH’. ?Like the real-life stock markets, the prices are influenced by the demand and supply with the difference that cricketers are your stocks on the app.

Coins, quizzes, IPOs and dividends just add the right bit of difficulty and fun in the entire trading. After all what’s the joy of doing something that doesn’t have some challenges?

All you should know about CricStox – The cricket stock market

An important feature is the IPOs (Initial Public Offerings)? that help you gain the first-mover advantage. This is how the players would be listed on the app and would be available for trading. The way to grow on CricStox is by making the right trades and identifying DIVIDEND OPPORTUNITIES, and eventually topping the WEEKLY LEADERBOARD. Your planning and strategy help you maximize your points. The higher the points earned, the better the leaderboard rank.

But before you get started here are some basic rules that you need to know:

  • The market timings are from 2 pm to 11.59 pm.
  • Trade orders can be placed during off-market hours as well through AMOs.
  • Market is open on all days
  • Keep an eye out on the MARKETWATCH screen on the CricStox app.

The MARKETWATCH screen updates the trending players, the ongoing matches, ways to earn more coins, detailed player performance, and much more. Make sure you stay tuned for the constant activity on the app.

So what are you waiting for? Download the CricStox app now and start trading!

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