Buying and selling stox on CricStox

Buying and Selling Stox of Cricketers on CricStox

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You can make profits on CricStox by simply buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price. In the MarketWatch tab, you can search for the cricketer whose stox you are interested in and then place buy and sell orders.

Trading on the CricStox app is facilitated through a robust order-matching engine. It finds matching buy and sell orders between users on a price-time priority basis. CricStox in no way has any control over market prices nor facilitates any trades on behalf of any user or by itself.

Once stox are listed on the MarketWatch after an IPO, the price of a particular stox is decided between users through demand & supply forces using our order-matching engine.

Placing an order on the CricStox app

The current price shown on the buy/ sell screen (also called LTP, meaning Last Traded Price) is simply the price at which the latest buy and sell order matched between two users.

Order Types by Price:

There are currently two types of orders on CricStox (more types coming soon!):

Market Orders:

When you do not change the price, a market order is placed. This means that the system will try to execute your order immediately, at the best possible price i.e., it will place a limit order at a certain % above (for buy orders) or below (for sell orders) the LTP.

Limit Orders:

If you manually enter the price, a limit order is placed. This means that you have manually entered a maximum (or minimum) price at which you are willing to buy (or sell) to execute your order.

Order Types by Variety

Live Order:

These are orders placed within market hours (2 pm to 11.59 pm), matched using the order-matching engine straight away. These orders stay valid till the end of the day (11.59 pm) on which they were placed, after which, they lapse.


These are orders placed during off-market hours (12 am  1.50 pm). AMOs are not matched immediately, instead, they are directly added to the order queue. When the market opens the next day at 2 pm, pending AMOs as per the order queue are matched first. AMOs stay valid until the end of the next trading day.

Pending & Executed:

When your order is placed, it is first shown in the pending orders screen under the Account tab. Upon successful matching/ order cancellation/ execution failure, the order is moved to the executed orders screen, with the relevant tags.


Does CricStox charge commission?

CricStox DOES NOT charge a commission from the buyers and sellers for any transaction.


Market Hours on CricStox

Markets on CricStox are operative daily from 2 pm to 11.59 pm. However, orders can be placed at any point in time through AMOs.

Also, IPOs and Quizzes remain operative irrespective of market hours.

Circuit Limits

In order to prevent sentiment-driven market anomalies, CricStox maintains circuits for prices of stox. The circuit for a stox is the price range within which an order can be placed.

Generally, circuits are formed 10% to 25% above and below the previous day’s close price. The exact percentage may vary for different cricketers. As it is a percentage of the close price of the previous day, the circuit of a stox can change from the current day to the next day.

The exact upper circuit and lower circuit for a specific stox on a given day can be seen in the Analysis section of a cricketer’s profile.


Delisting of cricketer stox on the CricStox app

Based on certain pre-set rules such as death, retirement, or lifetime ban of a cricketer, a cricketer may be delisted from the app. This means that his stock will no longer be available for trading on the app. Stox of that cricketer will be immediately removed from the portfolios of all users.

Please note, no compensation will be paid for delisted stox in the form of coins or any other form of currency. Wherever possible, delisting will be announced in advance to avoid value destruction.

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