Cricketer Analysis on CricStox

Cricketer Analysis on CricStox

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You can always check out the complete profile of every cricketer listed on the CricStox app. Get a complete understanding of the stocks that you wish to trade in before starting.


  • Your holdings and dividends that you have received on a particular/ specific cricketer are displayed here.
  • A cricketer graph to analyze historical price movements.
  • Recent performances of the cricketer in an International or IPL match.


  • Day�s Low/ High: The lowest and highest price of the cricketer in a single trading session.
  • Volume: The quantity of stocks successfully traded in a single day during market hours.
  • Open Price: Price at which the stocks opens in the market when trading begins, i.e at 2 pm on the trading day. Beware, it may differ from the Previous Close owing to AMOs.
  • Previous Close: The price of the last successful transaction at the end of that trading day.
  • Stocks Issued: The number of stocks issued during the IPO of the cricketer.
  • Market Cap (in lakhs) = Current Price (LTP) x Shares Issued in the market (in lakhs)
  • Lower Circuit & Upper Circuit: Refer to Circuits in the Buying and Selling of Stox category of the How to Trade section.
  • Market Depth: This is a live snapshot of the order matching table.

(The above table is just for reference)

The market depth screen is where you can see the best 3 bids and offers/asks for a particular cricketer. The market depth bars give you a visual overview of what levels most orders are being placed.

Qty indicates the quantity available for buying/selling at a given price as seen on the screen. Orders indicate the number of unique orders pending on the platform

This helps in understanding user sentiment about prices of a particular cricketer, the quantity on offer and helps place your trades better.


Real-time Test, ODI, T20 & IPL Statistics of the cricketer.


Cricketer Debut, Age & Bio.

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