Getting Started on CricStox

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Cricket + Stocks = CricStox

  • Trade in stox of your favourite cricketers for FREE!
  • Top the leaderboard to win CASH PRIZES every week




Trading & IPOs:

  • Buy low, sell high  it’s that simple. Ok, maybe there’s more to it, but prices in CricStox are completely market determined and you can ride the shifting demand and supply to make profits
  • Keep an eye out for IPOs of your favourite cricketers! This is how new cricketers are listed


Earning Coins on CricStox:

  • You will need coins to trade and subscribe to IPOs
  • You receive a signup sum of 15,000 coins + another 5,000 coins on using a referral code
  • Make referrals and play fun quizzes to earn more coins
  • Executed sell orders and dividends can get you coins from trading


CricStox Leaderboard & Cash Prizes:

  • This is the end game All your kill and efforts are for leaderboard points = realized profits + change in unrealized profits + dividend
  • Maximize leaderboard points to rank high and earn cash prizes every week

Make good trades ? Identify dividend opportunities ? Top the leaderboard ? Win Cash Prizes

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