Quizzes on CricStox

Quizzes on CricStox

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Quizzes are the perfect way to use all your cricket knowledge and EARN COINS on CricStox (you’ll need them to trade well).

When are quizzes conducted on the CricStox app?

We run 4 quizzes every week:

1st Quiz: Monday, 2 pm to Tuesday, 11.59 pm

2nd Quiz: Wednesday, 2 pm to Thursday, 11.59 pm

3rd Quiz: Friday, 2 pm to Saturday, 11.59 pm

4th Quiz: Sunday, 2 pm to 11.59 pm

How many questions does a CricStox quiz have?

Normally a quiz comprises 10 questions each.

How long is a quiz on CricStox?

Generally, you have up to 90 seconds to answer a quiz.


Can I repeat a quiz?

You can participate in any given quiz only once. Give it your best!


How many coins can I earn from a quiz?

Max coins that you can earn from a quiz are displayed right at the start of the quiz under Quiz Rules. Pay close attention to these details.

Play quizzes on CricStox, test your knowledge and stand a chance to win coins every day on theĀ platform.

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