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This is the endgame. Everything you do on CricStox builds up to the leaderboard. You earn coins, you make referrals, you make smart trades and you earn dividends to climb the leaderboard and get that WEEKLY CASH PRIZE!

The idea here is to promote the best traders. Therefore, leaderboard points are measured purely on the basis of your trading performance. Maximize your profits and dividends to earn points.

What is the duration of the weekly leaderboard on CricStox?

The weekly leaderboard runs from every Monday, 12.01 am to every Sunday, 11.59 pm.

How are the CricStox leaderboard points calculated?

Your points are calculated as the percentage growth in your complete account taking into account your trades, dividends, referrals, and quizzes. Your complete account comprises your wallet and the portfolio.

You need to have an invested value of at least 15,000 coins to participate in the leaderboard

How are CricStox users rewarded for their leader-board score?

Top performers at the end of each week are awarded cash prizes every subsequent Monday. These cash prizes will be notified to you at the start of each week, and can always be found on the leaderboard screen.

When are the final leaderboard points calculated & winners announced?

Weekly leaderboards end at the close of every Sunday. The points are validated and cash winners are announced every Monday. You will be notified of your ranks and winnings if any.

How are cash prizes credited and withdrawn?

All your cash winnings can be found in your �Funds� section. You can withdraw your winnings (powered by Razorpay) and also get a history of your performances on the leaderboard.

Does my previous leaderboard score count during the current leaderboard?

No. Every leaderboard starts with a score level for all participants. Past performances are not considered for each weekly leaderboard.

Score Calculations:

Wallet + Portfolio = Leaderboard Points

Wallet: CricStox wallet is a brief summary of all your transactions of coins and shows your current coin balance.

Portfolio: All the holdings of different cricketers are shown in your portfolio. The portfolio shows you the current position of all invested stocks.

Build your portfolio, find the best dividend opportunities, make smart trades, and climb up the weekly leaderboard to win those CASH PRIZES.

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