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What is an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on CricStox?

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Cricketers are listed on the app periodically through IPOs. In an IPO, a predetermined quantity of stocks is offered at a fixed price (listing price).

How is the listing price decided on CricStox?

The listing price of a cricketer IPO is based on a mathematical calculation designed by CricStox based on factors such as historical statistics, recency, and ICC rankings.

When and how are IPOs announced on CricStox?

IPOs for the calendar week are announced through notifications on the app. Upcoming IPOs can be found in the Action tab.

The listing schedule is at the discretion of CricStox and is decided on factors such as relevance and recency.

How to subscribe to an IPO?

Subscribe to an ongoing IPO on CricStox by going to the IPOs screen under the Action tab, where you can apply to the stocks of your desired cricketer(s).

At the close of an IPOs subscription window, an allotment algorithm is run. You’ll receive the desired stocks and/ or receive a refund of your coins for failed allotments.


Upcoming tab

  • Scheduled IPOs about to go live soon
  • You will be notified about these

Ongoing tab

  • IPOs of cricketers currently live for subscription
  • Apply for the desired stocks of your favorite cricketers
  • Subscription windows generally remain open for a total of 34 hours


Tap on a cricketer in the IPOs section for the following information:

  1. Listing Price: The fixed price at which you can subscribe
  2. Issue Quantity: The total quantity of stocks available for subscription
  3. Open Date & Time: IPOs generally open at 2 pm
  4. Close Date & Time: IPOs generally close at 11.59 pm on the subsequent day
  5. Lot size: Number of stocks in a lot (IPOs can be subscribed only in lots)*
  6. Cricketer biography and career statistics

*PLEASE NOTE: A lot size is equivalent to 10 stocks for all cricketers


Subscriber Classification on CricStox

Small: Subscribers applying to anything less than 100 lots

Large: Subscribers applying to 100 lots or more


Small: Stox allotted to applicants on a lottery basis

Large: Stox allotted to applicants on a pro-rata basis

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