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What is Your Portfolio on CricStox?

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Stocks of cricketers currently held by you on CricStox are shown in your portfolio. You can access cricketer profiles from your portfolio as well. You can place buy & sell orders through the shortcut buttons on the cricketer card.

Current Value:

Shows the real-time value of your entire portfolio at current market prices.

Invested Value:

Shows the actual amount paid by you to acquire the stocks in your current portfolio.

Day�s Profit/ Loss:

Calculated on the basis of the portfolio value at the beginning of the trading day (2 pm) until the present moment. It shows only the current day’s increase or decrease in the value of the portfolio, and calculates both Unrealised and Realised profit or loss.

Unrealized Profit/ Loss:

This represents the total profit or loss in case all the stocks currently held in the portfolio were to be sold immediately at current market prices.

Realized Profit/ Loss:

It refers to the profit or loss on a completed trade. When an investment is sold at a price higher than the purchase price, the user earns a profit. Meanwhile, an investment sold at a price lower than the purchase price represents a loss.

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