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Coins – The New Way of Trading

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Welcome to the CricStox market!


When we started with the concept of combining the best of two worlds i.e CRICKET AND TRADING, we wanted it to be a platform where everyone could trade in the stocks of their favorite cricketers easily. To simply put it, we wanted to democratize the platform……a trading app that was freely and evenly available to all. And that’s when we came up with the idea of COINS.

To start trading or subscribing IPOs on the app all users are required to earn coins. So various sources were devised to keep it a continual process. Let’s look at each one of them separately.

Sign-up coins on the CricStox app​

As soon as one downloads and signs up on the app they will be rewarded with 15,000 sign-up bonus coins. These are assigned so that the users can immediately start building up their portfolios. The users require coins to make purchases on the app.

​Quizzes on CricStox

Playing weekly quizzes will also help you to earn more trading coins. The quiz topics revolve around cricketing history, tournaments, past milestones, etc. The quizzes are conducted 4 times a week and the user has the opportunity to earn 4000 coins in a week by participating in them. The quizzing calendar will be updated timely for your reference. Make sure you check out the ‘Actions’ tab on the app regularly. We assure you these quizzes are real fun!


All you need to do is refer the app to your family & friends to earn 1000 coins for each referral. The app permits 50 referrals for each user. By using the referral code you’ll earn 1000 coins while your friend will earn 5000 coins. Well, this definitely is the easiest way of earning those extra coins!

Matchday Dividends on CricStox

Like profits, dividends are one of the most important features of the CricStox app. Stocks of top-performing cricketers in a match earn a dividend. The key is to build your portfolio taking into consideration the major matches. If you hold the Top 3 & Man of the Match performing players of that match in your portfolio, you’ll earn dividends on that stock.

Different types of dividends and the respective reward for each:


Dividend Type Reward(ODI and T20) Reward (Tests)
1st Place (Highest Points as per our mathematical formula) 3x coins * Quantity of Stox 6x coins * Quantity of Stox
2nd Place 2x coins * Quantity of Stox 4x coins * Quantity of Stox
3rd Place 1x coin * Quantity of Stox 2x coins * Quantity of Stox
Man of the Match (as announced live after the match) 1x coin * Quantity of Stox 2x coins * Quantity of Stox

Selling stocks:

Every sale also carries a specific amount of coins, based on your transaction value, that can help refill your wallets. So just keep trading. Actively engaging on the app is surely rewarding.


We hope to have simplified the concept and importance of COINS on the CricStox app. Until then, happy trading and keep earning those extra coins!

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