‘Every Test Counts’ as the New World Test Championship Campaign Kicks-Off

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It certainly won’t be a stretch to call the first World Test Championship (WTC) cycle a ‘resounding success.’ The aim of the WTC format was always to give a bigger meaning to every series played between the Test-playing nations and the 2019-21 cycle lived up to that.

Numerous Test series over the 2-year span awarded points to the winning team. Each series carried 120 points up for grabs, irrespective of the number of matches in that series.

It all came down to the final clash for the title, between two of the biggest teams out there – India and New Zealand.

A new-look WTC in 2021

A new season now welcomes a new edition of the WTC. But more importantly – an edition with some very interesting changes. An edition where ‘every Test counts.’

Firstly, let’s take a look at some of these new rules for the 2021-23 World Test Championship cycle, which started with the England vs India Test series:

  • 12 points for each Test win
  • 6 points to each team for a tie and 4 points to each team for a drawn Test match.
  • The final table standings are to be decided based on the percentage points system.

What is the ‘percentage points system’?

All the points earned (wins + draws + ties) by the teams throughout the WTC cycle will be divided by the total number of available points from all matches played by each team. The two teams with the highest percentage of points won will then play the final in 2023.

Why ‘Every Test Counts’ this World Test Championship cycle

With the new system, the focus shifts to each match rather than each series. As we mentioned above, points will now be awarded for every match win rather than every series win.

One of the main reasons behind this change was that it provides fairness to the points system. Under the earlier format, teams could earn a maximum of 120 points for a series win, be it a 2-match series or a 5-match series. That rule had an element of unfair advantage, wherein teams winning the same number of matches in their respective series still did not earn the same number of points.

It’s ‘out will the old, in with the new’ this time around. The new format gives the same number of points for each Test win/draw and neglects the series aspect altogether. And just like the old format, each team will play a total of six series – three home and three away.

That is why every Test match will carry an increased amount of importance and will count equally as teams fight for the right to play the final after the 2-year cycle ends.

World Test Championship - IND vs ENG

#EveryTestCounts on CricStox

In tune with the new and improved WTC, we have come up with a new campaign #everytestcounts on our social channels. Through unique and interesting contests, users stand a chance to win cash prizes and also enhance their portfolios on CricStox.

While that gives users more chances to win bigger, that’s not all we have.

New dividend system on CricStox

It’s ‘out will the old, in with the new’ not just with the new WTC format, but also on the CricStox market, where a new dividend system has been introduced.

Earlier, users having the Top-3 cricketers and the ‘man of the match’ from a Test match in their portfolio were eligible for dividend coins on those cricketers. Now, dividend coins will be awarded for the Top-5 cricketers and the ‘man of the match’.

Here’s how the new system works:

Dividend Type New Dividend Reward system (Tests) Old Dividend Reward System (Tests)
1st Place (Highest Points as per our mathematical formula) 5x coins * Quantity of Stox 6x coins * Quantity of Stox
2nd Place 4x coins * Quantity of Stox 4x coins * Quantity of Stox
3rd Place 3x coin * Quantity of Stox 2x coins * Quantity of Stox
4th Place 2x coin * Quantity of Stox NA
5th Place 1x coin * Quantity of Stox NA
Man of the Match (as announced live after the match) 1x coin * Quantity of Stox 2x coins * Quantity of Stox

Numerous CricStox users benefitted from the brand new dividend system and the #everytestcounts campaign as the new World Test Championship cycle started with the first Test between England and India.

So join in on the double treat of the new World Test Championship and the opportunities to shine on the CricStox market.

What the superstars have to say about the new World Test Championship rules:

Virat Kohli, India captain:

“The following of cricket lovers too was great to see, and I am sure they will all be waiting eagerly for the second edition. We will regroup with new energy for the next cycle starting with our series against England, hoping to give our fans a lot to cheer about.”

Joe Root, England captain:

“We start our campaign in the second edition of the ICC World Test Championship against the finalists of last time, which is an interesting challenge straight away,” Root said. “Test cricket is a format we all want to excel in and with points at stake for each match, everyone has to be at their best all the time.”

Kane Williamson, New Zealand captain:

“The WTC has certainly added more context and brought new meaning to Test cricket and it was awesome to see the interest that was generated around the Final against India.”

Here is the full schedule for the 2021-23 WTC:

Team Home Away
Australia England South Africa West Indies India Pakistan Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Pakistan India Sri Lanka South Africa New Zealand West Indies
England India South Africa New Zealand Pakistan West Indies Australia
India Sri Lanka New Zealand Australia Bangladesh England S Africa
New Zealand S Africa Bangladesh Sri Lanka England Pakistan India
Pakistan Australia England New Zealand Sri Lanka Bangladesh West Indies
South Africa India West Indies Bangladesh Australia England N Zealand
Sri Lanka West Indies Australia Pakistan Bangladesh N Zealand India
West Indies Pakistan Bangladesh England Australia S Africa Sri Lanka


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