Maximizing Profits Through Dividends

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DIVIDEND is like a bonus to the investors. The concept of Dividends on the CricStox app pretty much remains the same as in real-life stock markets.

To reward users/traders for holding on to cricketer stocks & making the right trades, dividends were introduced. This allows the user to earn those extra coins through the right trades. Stocks of top-performing cricketers in a match earn a dividend so the traders must pre-empt the performance of the cricketers in upcoming matches to maximize their gains.

In a natural course of action, all of us have engaged in predicting the outcome of every match, every ball, and even every cricketer. Through this platform, we want to utilize all these prediction abilities into a more meaningful outcome that helps users eventually earn some extra cash via trading.

For example, a trader may take a call to hold on to 100 stocks of Player A ahead of an ODI match on the expectation that he will perform well in that match. And to his delight, Player A scores a century and isn’t just a top gainer on MARKETWATCH but also a top-performing cricketer of the match. In such a case, the trader will be eligible for 300 coins in his CricStox wallet along with an appreciation in the stock prices.

In real-life scenarios, dividends may be paid out as cash or in the form of additional stock but on our platform dividends are distributed as a certain number of coins per stock and are credited straight to your coins wallet. Wallets form an integral part of the leaderboard score calculation.

The structure of dividends on the CricStox app

The leaderboard is the ultimate destination for all the traders on the CricStox app. We will talk about the leaderboard in detail in the next article. Meanwhile, coming back to the topic of dividends, CricStox uses a mathematical formula that takes into account the various key statistics of a cricketer during a match. CricStox has maintained a fair balance of batting, bowling, and fielding performances in the formula and has tried to keep it unbiased. 

For various dividends and their respective rewards refer to the below table. The rewards vary for the different formats of the game.

1st Place 3x coins * Quantity of Stox
2nd Place 2x coins * Quantity of Stox
3rd Place 1x coins * Quantity of Stox
Man of the Match 1x coins * Quantity of Stox


1st Place 5x coins * Quantity of Stox
2nd Place 4x coins * Quantity of Stox
3rd Place 3x coins * Quantity of Stox
4th Place 2x coins * Quantity of Stox
5th Place 1x coin * Quantity of Stox
Man of the Match 1x coin * Quantity of Stox

Please Note: First place gets the highest points as per our mathematical formula

To all the CricStox traders, it’s time to rejig your portfolios ahead of the upcoming matches to earn dividends. Refer to our daily reports section under the BLOGS tab for quick updates on cricket matches and series. Keep trading!

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