Dil, Dimag, Aur Dum: When Virat Kohli Defied All Odds at the Indian T20 League

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Passion, skill, and courage! Over the last 14 seasons of the Indian T20 League, we have come across numerous instances where cricketers have displayed these qualities. Be it an injured player coming out to bat to try and get even a few runs, or a player using his skill to outthink the opposition. Cricket as a sport has not experienced a shortage of these moments.

But there are some moments that stand out compared to many others. It isn’t often that all the qualities of passion, skill, and courage – a.k.a. Dil, Dimag, aur Dum – are on full display from one player in the same match!

To start off our ‘Dil, Dimag, aur Dum’ series, we take a look back at one of the most memorable incidents from the Indian T20 League. A moment when India and BANGALORE captain Virat Kohli made everyone watching stand up and applaud.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli defies all odds at the Indian T20 League

Back in 2016, Kohli had a scary moment in the league stage match vs KOLKATA. While fielding, the skipper hurt his hand, splitting the webbing between his fingers. The moment he suffered the injury, Kohli knew it wasn’t a minor one. However, the injury was the last thing on his mind.

“I might need 7-8 stitches, but I don’t mind 10 stitches on my hand if we win the next two matches,” Kohli said right after the game, showing his passion and dedication towards the game.

Less than 48 hours since suffering the injury, Kohli walked out on the field with 9 stitches on his left hand for the match against PUNJAB. Fans watching at home and in the stadium wondered if the star batsman would even be able to hold his bat properly. But what followed was a masterclass from the man-in-form.

How Kohli turned agony into ecstasy

In a rain-curtailed match, both teams had just 15 overs to bat. To the surprise of many, Kohli walked out to open the innings, battling all the pain. He then put his wide range of skills as a batsman to full effect, smashing 113 runs off just 50 balls, including 12 fours and 8 sixes. Celebrating the ton, he then pointed at his hand, reminding everyone of the almost impossible task he had just pulled off.

The innings – his 4th hundred of that tournament – helped BANGALORE post a huge total. Kohli then marshaled his troops on the field and they eventually won the match by 91 runs.

“When I settled down, I thought I shouldn’t think about my stitches. When I got the flow going, and the pain went away, I was able to play shots. T20s is just three hours a day. You still have 21 hours away, so why relax on the field?” Kohli said after the match-winning show.

What started off as a painful day ended with a performance that went down in the history of the Indian T20 League.

Cricket is a sport where qualities like ‘Dil’ and ‘Dimag’ play an equal role in success. Stay tuned as we bring you more such stories where players produced such unforgettable moments in the Indian T20 League.

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