Indian T20 League 2022: Retention Policy, Auction Purse and All You Need to Know

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It’s been just a few days (literally) since the end of the Indian T20 League 2021 season. But it feels like the Indian T20 League 2022 season is already almost upon us with the announcement of 2 new teams – Ahmedabad and Lucknow. And now, there’s more information coming to light ahead of the new season.

It wouldn’t be completely wrong to say that the Indian T20 League auctions get a lot of fans more excited than the actual matches themselves. So if you’re one of those fans (and even if you’re not, tbh), read along and get hyped about the fresh auction and retention rules.

The first question you might have is –

So how many retentions are allowed for each team in Indian T20 League 2022?

Straight to the point. So, each of the 8 existing teams can retain up to 4 players. And no, those players cannot be all Indian or all overseas (obviously!). They can have a maximum of 3 Indian players (capped/uncapped) and 2 overseas players. In short, there are 2 combinations these teams can use to retain those 4 players – 2 Indian and 2 overseas or 3 Indian and 1 overseas.

What about the new teams then?

After the Original 8 (as we like to call them) pick their 4 players each, the 2 new teams – Ahmedabad and Lucknow – can then pick 3 players each as their founding fathers, so to say. The combination for the new teams will be – 2 Indian players and 1 overseas player.

Just like we saw the last time two new teams came into the tournament – Pune and Gujarat – there could be a player draft system for the new teams to pick their three retentions. If that happens, then the new team with the higher bid of the two (Lucknow, in this case) might get to make the first pick.

Indian T20 League

Wait, where are the Right-to-Match (or RTM) cards that were used in the last big auction?

That’s gone. The RTM concept has been removed this time and it’s just those 4 players that we mentioned above, for the Original 8. It’s only fair for the 2 new teams.

Now let’s talk money!

What is the salary purse for each team in the Indian T20 League 2022 auctions?

Mo’ teams, mo’ money! Each team will have a salary purse of INR 90 Cr. for the auction, which is an upgrade from the 2021 purse of 85 Cr. Remember, they can’t go into the auction with all 90 cr. The amount teams give their retained players will be deducted from this overall salary purse.

And how much would that be

There is no fixed salary for each player, but slabs have been mentioned based on how many players out of 4 a team wants to retain. Here goes:

If a team retains all 4 players (Amounts in Cr.):

Player 1 – 16 Cr, Player 2 – 12 Cr, Player 3 – 8 Cr, Player 4 – 6 Cr.

Total – 42 Cr.

If a team retains 3 players:

Player 1 – 15 Cr, Player 2 – 11 Cr, Player 3 – 7 Cr.

Total – 33 Cr.

If a team retains 2 players:

Player 1 – 14 Cr, Player 2 – 10 Cr.

Total – 24 Cr.

If a team retains 1 player:

Player 1 – 14 Cr.

Indian T20 League 2022

Wait, there’s more. For every uncapped player retained, 4 Cr. will be deducted from the team’s purse, regardless of the number of uncapped retentions.

If the team wishes to pay a certain player/players more than the slab amount, they can, and that higher amount paid will then be deducted from their purse. On the flip side, if the team ends up paying a player less than what is mentioned in the retention slab, the deduction will be equal to the slab amount itself.

That was intense! Let’s simplify it – For example, if player A is one of 3 retained players, the slab amount mentions a high of 15 Cr for Mr. A. However, if the team agrees to pay their champion player 18 Cr, that 18 Cr is the amount deducted from the team’s purse.

All these rules will also apply to the 2 new teams.

So when will the auction be held and what are the timelines for retention/draft announcements?

There is no fixed date yet for the auction. But it is most likely to be held in January 2022. As for the retentions, the existing teams need to be ready with their picks by November 30. Ahmedabad and Lucknow will then get 25 days (December 1-25) to decide theirs.


Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Things are about to get pretty interesting as the Indian T20 League 2022 season approaches. New teams, new players, known faces in new teams, and a lot more!

We’ll keep bringing you more on the T20 carnival as we approach the retentions, auction, and the new 10-team season!

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