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  • Beginner’s Guide to CricStox
  • Hi there, skipper! 

    Welcome to CricStox - a platform that brings together the love for cricket and trading.


    Do you ever feel like you have a lot of built-up cricket knowledge and expertise but nowhere to put it to great use?

    On CricStox, let the trader and cricket enthusiast in you shine, by putting your knowledge and skill to the best use, and build wealth. Make profits by trading in the stox of cricketers on our platform and earn dividends based on their performances in real-life matches.


    Here’s how you can get on CricStox and start trading:



    • The CricStox app is available on web as well as mobile devices.
    • Make sure to sign-up and create your CricStox account to be able to fund your wallet so you can start trading on CricStox.


    In a matter of seconds, you’re in and ready to go!



    The Dashboard is your home on the CricStox app. Get quick updates on the go regarding the market, your portfolio, live cricket matches, and more.



    This screen shows details such as

    • Marketwatch:  This quick view of Marketwatch will show you the top trending stox on the market at all times. Find more details on the performances of all cricketers listed on CricStox in the Marketwatch section.
    • Portfolio: Get a quick glimpse of your overall portfolio, which includes Current Value, Invested Value, Unrealized Profit/Loss, and the % Change (gain or loss) in your Portfolio. The detailed Portfolio section is a more comprehensive assessment of the stox in your portfolio.

    Quickly make your wallet, buy stox, and build your portfolio.

    How to Trade: Want to know more about trading on the CricStox app? 

    Watch our exclusive videos and read our in-depth articles on how to trade.

    • Matches: Constant score updates and brief scorecards of live and recent matches can be seen here. Click on a card to see the DIVIDEND POOLS for live and upcoming matches, and catch the detailed scorecards of international and IPL matches.



    Can’t want a live match or want to see scores of a recently completed match? Catch detailed scorecards of all live and recent cricket matches in this section. Also keep an eye on the performances of your favorite cricketers in real-life matches.


    Most importantly, check out DIVIDEND POOLS for all live and upcoming matches and identify the right investment opportunities to earn big.


    Let’s go, skipper! Start your journey and become a super trader on CricStox.


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